RENO DECO… with Salbo
Maximize Your Interior

“It was my pleasure this year, dear readers, to talk about renovation, new construction, and decoration.

Let’s finish the season with some ideas that will maximize your space by exploiting certain existing structures.”

RENO DECO… with Salbo
About Tile

“Last month, we talked about establishing a project overview in order to define the elements, the choice of materials, and the size of the tiles so that everything fits well once the project is finished.

Let’s start by choosing the method of installation of the tiles. The first option, called the “thin set” is used in 50% of cases, because it is the fastest, least expensive, and most suitable for tiles up to 20 inches by 20 inches.

Using this method, an open space is kept between each tile for room to apply the grout. This type of installation must follow the level of the floor without correction of imperfections. In addition, with this method, the joints get dirty very quickly requiring regular and careful maintenance. It should also be noted that the use of smaller tiles gives the effect of a smaller space.”

RENO DECO… with Salbo
Decorating Trends

“This month, let’s discuss new trends in planning and decorating your interior. We will start looking at the three main rooms in the house, the living room or family room, the kitchen and the dining room.

We want them to be open, as uncluttered as possible. An open-plan gives space and volume.”

RENO DECO… with Salbo
Ceiling Decoration

“Last month, we talked about flooring. This month, we turn the world upside down, and talk about decorating your ceilings. First, before starting, you should check to see if your ceilings contain asbestos.”

RENO DECO… with Salbo
Prefabricated Concrete Products

“During the coming months, I will discuss subjects such as: new construction, renovation of existing units, decoration, and construction rules and regulations. Gaining familiarity with these subjects now will help you make wise investment decisions later on.”

RENO DECO… with Salbo
Artificial Turf

“This month, I’m going to talk about artificial turf: its esthetic beauty, its different uses, and its “no cost” maintenance. Although this product was developed in the 1960’s – it has evolved a great deal since then.”