Throughout the project progress, your will meet with designers
who will help with choosing the right materials to achieve the project of your dream.


The demolition is done accurately so as not to damage the rest of your property.


The results are amazing and your dream becomes reality.

Plans & Permits

Plans & Permits for You offers a full project administration service for obtaining the necessary permits, as well as any necessary insurance, releases and authentication of documents. Imagine all the time and the troubles avoided!

Salbo Construction supervises and coordinates your work site. You’ll receive a complete report at the end of each of the milestones of your project. We are committed to send you photos showing the work done.

And remember, we provide a full range of services to prepare for hurricane season with the appropriate products!

Our team of experienced designers at Interior Design for You will carry out your decorative dreams and make them reality. We can design a turnkey property entirely to your taste and consistent with your dreams, as wild as they may be!

We perform renovation projects of all kinds


  • Complete Interior Renovation
  • Kitchen design
  • Bathroom design
  • Installation of new floors and ceramics
  • Installation of marble
  • Installation of decorative moldings
  • Installation of decorative ceiling lamps
  • Stairs and new banisters design
  • Painting
  • New home
  • Cabinets and custom furniture



  • Installation of hurricane-proof doors and windows
  • Design and Installation of outdoor kitchens and barbecues
  • Installation of screened verandas
  • Outside painting
  • Installation of fences
  • Marble entrance
  • New concrete pavers or spacers
  • Landscaping, waterfalls, pools, hot tubs, decks
  • Roof and gutter repair

Other services

Salbo Construction offers a full range of services.
Every project deserves special, individualized attention to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a home renovation or your new home construction, we work with experts from a range of construction-related sectors such as:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Building Code Inspection
  • Interior design

All services are offered in Spanish, English and French !

Our team works for you to ensure full compliance with the Florida Building Code while delivering the highest quality projects. At your request, we also provide the following services:


We will inspect your purchase, supported by a written report with photos of the property. We will verify the building’s structure and roof for any of the following: water infiltration, work done without permits, signs of mold, hidden defects, etc.

A budget is attached along with the report, estimating the cost of the work needed to comply with the report. This estimate can then become an asset in negotiating the purchase of the property


You’ll receive a complete report at the end of each of the milestones of your project. We are committed to send you photos by email showing the work done.

Salbo Construction is duly licensed as general contractor in Florida.

It is therefore certified by Florida’s Department of Professional Regulations, a mandatory procedure in Florida.

Why is this detail important?

You should know before undertaking renovations or construction in Florida, that the execution of such works without the necessary permits is a CRIME under Chapter 455.228 of the Florida Statutes, under penalty of a fine that can be as high as $5,000.

But that’s not all: our company is covered by the insurance required for all types of renovations and construction. Also, we handle, on your behalf, the production of all the required documents and make sure to obtain permits from the city chosen for your project.

Finally, we ensure compliance with the Florida Building Code which is very strict in Florida, as well as the several requests of the homeowner associations.

Danny Salbo


We prepare your property for hurricane season, ensure the maintenance during your absence and pick up the mail, while making sure that everything is perfect! This service can be offered on a weekly or monthly basis.


This is our signature. This is our commitment.

 We Offer

Architectural services

Architectural services to design your dream home, taking into account the peculiarities of construction in Florida.

Engineering services

Engineering services at your disposal to ensure the quality of the structure of your property extension or of your new development.

Interior design services

Our interior design services take into account your tastes and your lifestyle.